Around ten years ago we decided to have our annual Sales and Marketing departments retreat out west in San Diego. There were no complaints everyone who visits there agree that it is one of the prettiest cities and climates in all the United States. Of course, I had an additional agenda attached to this conference. Once the formal meetings were concluded, we went across the border to do a Homes of Hope build in Tijuana, Mexico.

We met the young woman whose house we would be building and she was grateful beyond what we had normally perceived from previous new homeowners. “I don’t have a husband,” she explained in broken English. “My father is very angry that I have my children and we have no place to live. Your gift of a house is so special to me. And your timing is so perfect. My father just announced to me that if I don’t get a place to stay in the next two days, he is going to take my children away from me!” By now her voice was broken and the tears were flowing. We tried our best to assure her that we’d finish her house in time.

Unfortunately, tears weren’t the only things that were flowing at that time. No sooner had we begun the project than down came the rain. Not sprinkling. Not drizzle. It was a Mexican downpour!

I must admit there was more than one time that I began to doubt that we’d get the house finished.

But we did.

The young lady was overjoyed that her new home was available. But there’s even more to this story.

When we turned over the front door key to the young lady, naturally her children were with her. But there was another person present—one we had not expected.

Right behind her was her father.

We didn’t know if he was going to be pleased, displeased, happy or sad. We were delighted when his reaction could only be described as ‘blown away’!

“Why would someone do this for my daughter?” was the obvious question from the older gentleman. We were able to give him our honest answer and as a result, he wanted to hear more about Jesus. Before that trip was complete, a man had been born into the God’s forever family. Talk about making a sales and marketing retreat enjoyable!

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