I know a pretty good amount about our Performance Conference, but the man with the greatest amount of knowledge on the subject is Terry Gaines. As Managing Director, Terry has been at First Rate since 2000 and believe me, he knows the ropes and he knows fun!

I invited him into my office for a conversation about the annual customer conference, so he could fill in the details of which I was fuzzy.

“Okay,” I said, “Tell me a little bit more about the ‘fun’ aspect of these gatherings. After all, this is an event that celebrates the ‘enjoy’ value of First Rate, correct?”

“You are absolutely correct, Dave,” Terry answered emphatically. “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the fun of this event is the dinners. We always plan for dinners that are entertaining. In years past we’ve had singers, comedians, dueling pianos, all sorts of wild and crazy stuff!”

“We’ve also had some fun outings,” he continued. “Obviously the Four Seasons Las Colinas offers some of the finest golf you will ever experience. And the Spa is world class, too. We’ve done tours of Dallas, including the JFK exhibit, museums, and of course, a tour of Cowboy Stadium,” he added with that pride only a diehard Cowboy fan can exude. “I remember a client we had from New York who was a huge Cowboy fan, just about reduced to tears when he got to see Cowboy Stadium,” Terry added in order to maximize the power of that place.

“And another thing that always makes these events so much fun is that we have a theme that runs through the entire two and a half days.”

“One of my favorites was the year we decided on Hollywood as our theme. Do you remember that one, Dave?” Terry asked.

“Oh yeah, I nodded, “that was a crazy one.”

“Your nephew, Jud got all dressed up in a costume to look like a wild, crazy, erratic Hollywood director, remember?”

“How can I forget?” I mused.

“He was in these skits we would do and he would always be big and bold and so full of himself, no one could stand him,” Terry recalled. “And, of course, we would follow up each skit with the line, That’s not the First Rate way of doing things! It was totally effective… and totally enjoyable.”

First Rate Living is Enjoy our customers!