Giving to the community is what we do at First Rate.

Every April we are part of a luncheon that we call The First Rate Living Luncheon. We hold it in conjunction with National

Youth Service Week and we do it to recognize organizations in our Arlington area who serve our youth. I have always believed the teaching in the Proverbs:

Refresh others and you will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

The intent of this luncheon is to refresh those who refresh the youth of Arlington. The awards portion of the luncheon is done in cooperation with the Arlington Alliance for Youth (AAY), an umbrella organization that coordinates services to our youth. Civic clubs, government departments, and businesses participate in this organization and the AAY coordinates the the youth service efforts. They want to make sure charities are spread around, not all focused on one particular issue or area.

The AAY chooses the individuals who will receive the awards that First Rate gives out. We give out three Professional Awards to employees of a youth service organizations and we give three Volunteer Awards to volunteers of an organization. The award includes a check of two thousand dollars, given to a charity in the name of the winner. In a typical luncheon we will give away at least twelve thousand dollars. In addition to the awards, we have a speaker share something specifically for the youth workers. With our whole company in attendance, we want the community service organizations to know how important their work is to us and Arlington. We want them to be refreshed.

How about giving to our community through a basketball game? We were challenged by another business in town to a friendly game of basketball at a local junior high school. The winner of the game would donate five thousand dollars to the school and the loser would donate ten thousand dollars. What a fun event that turned out to be. The afternoon of the game, many of the students and teachers were in the gym. Half rooted for us and the other half rooted for the other team. our First Rate team came to the gym ready to play. It came down to the last few minutes of the game but in the end we came out on top as the victors. (Do you really think I would have shared this story if we didn’t win the game?!) Our opponents wrote the check for ten thousand dollars without any complaint. Of course they were really good sports about the whole thing and it was a wonderful moment to see that money head to such a good cause in our community. Even though we weren’t required to do so, we wrote a check for ten thousand dollars as well.

We love giving to our community.

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