They loved it. And we loved providing it for them.

That’s how love works.

Everyone has their own stories, all equally powerful in their own unique way. Recently I sent out an email, asking my co-workers if they wanted to share what First Rate meant to them, just hit the reply button. Here is part of what Steve Schneider shared:
It was a month after I started my new career at First Rate. I received a chilling phone call from my mother at work. She was very upset and crying uncontrollably. She said that my grandmother had just been stabbed more than 60 times by a man from her retirement community and she was barely clinging to life in the hospital.

I was stunned in disbelief. I spoke with my manager, Craig Weitz and he told me to take as much time as I needed to help with my grandmother. The outpouring of sympathy and support I received from everyone in the company was truly unbelievable.
I flew down to be with my family and my grandmother. Upon entering the hospital room, my eyes were immediately drawn to a very beautiful flower arrangement that somebody had sent my grandmother. As I looked at the card that was attached, my heart started racing. The flowers were from First Rate, my new company!

In all the years I had worked I had never encountered such compassion and love like I received. This is the culture of First Rate, Inc. Caring and loving and ready to help in any situation. I am proud to be part of something so great.

First Rate is committed to showing love to our co-workers. And we want it to be a love that is tangible, practical, and seen through a demonstrative expression.

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