Recently I invited the President of First Rate, Craig Wietz to join me to discuss First Rate’s concept of serving our customers.

“Talk to me about serving our customers.”

“That’s easy, Dave,” he began. “First Rate treats customers as a part of our family.”

“Give me an example,” I replied.

“The annual First Rate Conference is an excellent example,” he answered. “Every year we give our customers sessions with exceptional content that’s current, so it’s not wasted time coming here. We also give meaningful gifts to take home with them. But it’s the relationships that matter the most. That’s what the customers talk about most—the friendships they have developed here with our people.”

“Why does that happen?” I mused.

“I think it’s the fact that we work hard to build a genuine, caring, loving relationship with them—for many of our customers, that’s quite a contrast from the way they’re treated at work. Some don’t get treated very well in their own companies,” Craig responded. “They come here and we get to love on them and it’s a win-win.”

“Of course, Dave, serving our customers always reminds me of the historic road trip you made in 1993 with First Rate’s co-worker number one, John Watkins, in a Recreational Vehicle!”

“Ah, the good old RV business trip,” I replied. “John and I packed up for a three week road trip to Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Springfield, Ney York City, Charlotte, Atlanta and Orlando. In an RV! It gave us a chance to visit some of our customers face to face on their home turf. One of our clients nicknamed us the Griswolds of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. It was fun! And it was business. We wanted to serve our customers in their office, not over the phone. The fact that we would go to that effort seemed to pay big dividends.”

“Absolutely,” Craig agreed. “I still have customers who tell me about that historic visit. Along with your presence, you and John brought your attitude of service to their front door. People don’t forget that sort of thing.”

Customer service isn’t a department. It’s an attitude.

First Rate Living is serving our customers!