When we talk about serving here at First Rate, we talk serving our employees, serving our customers, and serving our community. It’s a heartwarming experience for me to watch serving in action. Especially the serving that makes its way to the community level.

I received an email recently from one of our wonderful co-workers—John Watkins. As you read it, please pay particular attention to the paragraph concerning serving his community:

Dear Dave:

I have always loved First Rate’s family first attitude. Being able to see my kid’s activities at school and work from home sometimes has been HUGE for me. It has helped me stay close to them and they really appreciate it. When other people ask me about my job, they all say, ‘Wow, you are so lucky! I want to work there!”

First Rate also allowed me to work from Odessa, as well as working weird hours while my father was suffering from ALS. That really meant the world to me.

First Rate has given me the desire to step out and help in the community. I have been involved in the YMCA Father/Child Program, Dad’s Clubs at schools, coached my kid’s teams, Boy Scouts, volunteer at church, built houses in Mexico, helped at shelters . . . all of these activities have allowed God to help me replace the pride in my life with humility (most of the time, anyway!) Had it not been for First Rate, I doubt I would have done any of those things.

Working for a place that gives 10% of our revenue to charities makes me feel like I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. I may not be physically in the fields, but I am still making an indirect impact.

Living by these core values has changed my whole outlook on life. I used to think money and success was what made your rich. That is so wrong. Serving God, having a great wife, great kids, helping people, strong friendships and having a humble heart is what makes you rich!!

John Watkins

Our business can be an expression of God’s character through people participating in the community. We can do more than just go to work and then go home. We can serve our communities in many areas: government, education, media, arts, charity and religion. John mentioned a few of those areas he has served.

What’s so great about serving? A friend of mine once said, “When I write a check to charity, something is withdrawn from my account. But when I serve, something is deposited into my heart.” It’s not write a check or serve. It’s both.

Another friend asked me, “If you closed or moved your business, would anyone in your community miss you?” I think a successful business is more than a great place to work with happy customers. I believe God has given First Rate a mission to be more and do more. Co-workers that serve their communities are fulfilling God’s vision for First Rate.

First Rate Living is serving our communities.